Everyone needs to market

And in a competitive marketplace, those who market best, WIN.

Are you unsure of where or how to get started?

You're certainly not alone. "Marketing" has many dimensions, and the term has many uses. There are some aspects you can do yourself, and others best left for professionals. Some missteps are benign, and others can cost you money and actually "de-market" you. Our Overview of Marketing Process shows how all the pieces fit together and, also, how we might fit in.

You probably want all the pieces to fit together, whether it's a puzzle, your car, or your business operations. Things just work better that way. We feel strongly that the marketing process also needs to be integrated. Read our thoughts about this crucial subject in Integrated Marketing...the Wholistic Approach.

Some people think their job of communicaitng is finished when they send a message...and they often blame the recipient for not understanding.  Look here for the full Communications Model.

Also, just call us for a free initial consult. Tell us your dreams and hurdles, and we will tell you if we can fast-forward your progress. Maybe we'll tell you you're on the right track, and don't really need us.

Are you looking for marketing ideas to get started?

There certainly are secrets to successful marketing Feel free to peruse, and study, Core Marketing Principles: A Dozen Secrets for Marketing Success, written by Hugo Trux. These are The Basics, tried and true approaches that work! And if these dozen points are all you remember, you can be successful in marketing.

Sales people and receptionists are often told to place a mirror by their phone so they can see themselves when they speak. It positively affects their performance. But how does an entire company get a good look at itself? You'll find some useful insights in Corporate Mirrors: How Others See You.



It's NO Secret---Trux Marketing
helps "fast forward" your dreams.

Clients have profited from choosing Trux Marketing as their marketing and management partner since 1980. As a result of our consultation or hands-on efforts, their businesses have grown, employee morale has improved, and their profits have increased. Ask our clients about the ways in which they've gained from consultation or hands-on management. You, too, can profit from choosing Trux Marketing/Management Solutions as your marketing management partner.

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Not quite ready for your own Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)? Have an important project that needs attention? We're here to help you be successful and remain successful through professional and quality service. And you won't be passed off to new employees; Hugo Trux personally manages all projects or accounts, and as such, limits his engagements.

Our philosophy is that marketing needs to be part of the entire company's culture, part of the entire company's identity. It can't be done in a vacuum. Select a partner who understands the big picture for success.

Looking for solutions? Contact us today to discuss your success goals:

 Marketing Counsel,  Operations Management (Lean Six Sigma and Program Measurement/Evaluation): Hugo Trux, MA .......614. 736. 8789
Mentoring, Psychological Coaching: Nancy L. Trux, MSW, LISW-S .....614. 736. 8790

  • Outsourced Management (we'll manage your project or operation for you)

  • Serve on your Advisory Board or on your corporate board
  • Process Review (work with you to evaluate your programs or processes)
  • Consultation (internal marketing including training, morale issues, and coaching)
  • Contract Chief Marketing Officer (we'll manage your marketing operation on a part-time basis, from research, strategy development to implemenation)

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